CONCEPT = 60 Possible Points

Concept:  The strength of the overall idea and visual ingenuity

1. Image expresses a clear and strong idea 20 pts.___________

2. Uses imagery with inventiveness  20 pts.___________

3. Clearly meets project objective 20 pts.___________

EXECUTION = 20 Possible Points

Execution:  The effective implementation and carrying out of a complete work

1. Strong application of visual elements and principles  5 pts.___________

2. Application of new and reviewed techniques 5 pts.___________

3. Evidence of complete and strategic approach to the process   5 pts.___________

4. Demonstrates experimentation and risk taking 5 pts.___________

PRESENTATION = 20 Possible Points

Presentation: The overall appearance of the arrangement of the elements and principles within the work

1. Project presented on time 5 pts.___________

2. Final product is clean 5 pts.___________

3. Final project is professional in appearance (i.e. matted
with precision; accuracy used in measuring, cutting,
hanging and framing) 5 pts.___________

4. Elements and Principles are arranged with meaning
and clarity 5 pts.___________