Current Student, Photo Class Alumni and Useful Links for Photographers

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--the professionals--

Allen Beland - A teacher of photography at YHS since 2000 and a freelancer for twice as long!

Jeff Pabotoy - A teacher of ceramics at YHS and an artist extraordinaire!

Maddie Meyer - A 2010 YHS graduate with a national scholastics GOLD KEY and is majoring in photojournalism atOhio University . Currently, Maddie is a photographer intern at
Getty Images and should graduate next year.

Maggie Winters  - A 2008 YHS graduate and a 2012 graduate of the Corcoran majoring in graphic design and photography. She is the go to portrait photographer in the DC area.

Emily Hellmuth - A 2006 YHS graduate that , along with her older sister, Julie Monticello, owns and operates their wedding & portrait photographic business!

Ginny Mohler -A 2006 YHS graduate and a graduate (BFA) of Tisch School of the Arts in film production. She is currently developing a feature film about the notorious Radium Girls of the 1920s.

Robinson Earle -A 2005 graduate and a 2009 graduate of Ohio University that double majored in Creative Writing and Spanish. He is a touring singer/song writer that makes art because he loves to and because he HAS to.

Chris Mackler - A 2004 YHS graduate and an Ohio University graduate of photojournalism that accepted the position of Photo Editor to the Office of the Vice President of the U.S.

Kristin Panke - A 2004 YHS graduate who lives the good life in Bocas del Toro, Panama where she runs two separate businesses,  the Palmar Tent Lodge and the Casa Verde Hostel & Guesthouse . She uses the photographic skills learned at YHS to take the pictures used on websites that she builds to promote her businesses. When she find time off from the businesses, she finds herself under the water taking THESE absolutely amazing pictures!

Rebecca Droke - A 2002 YHS graduate who earned a degree in photojournalism from Ohio University and is currently working at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a staff photographer.

Adam Goldsmith  - A 2001 YHS graduate and a 2005 (BFA in photography) VCU graduate that is a self employed photographer specializing in architectural photography.

-- the current students--

Sophie Sither - An AP photo senior that deals in the surreal.

Emilie McCulloch - An AP Photo senior with a passion for fashion.

Kait Luncher - A photo 3 junior finding beauty in the harsh cityscape.

Jennifer Martinez - An AP senior with a unique point of view!

Ashley Sellers - A photo 3 senior that is happy at sea or on land.

Shondra Stoner - A photo 3 junior playing in the water.

Emily Reese - A photo 2 junior that hopes to inspire the world with what she sees through her lens.

Natalie Poole - A photo 2 sophomore.

--the YHS alumni--

Jackie Friedman - A 2013 graduate attending Penn State majoring in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio. Look for her to be the next cast member on SNL.

Anna Gibbs - A 2013 graduate attending VCU majoring in photography. Check out her pictures and great poetry.

Kyra Gray - A 2013 graduate attending Drexel University majoring in design and merchandising.

Alex Symcak - A 2013 graduate attending Coastal Carolina University majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Photography.

Malia Rivera - A 2013 graduate attending JMU majoring in math with a secondary education minor.

Mikaela Kane - A 2013 graduate that takes stunning photos of all of her travels.

Emma Spence - A 2012 graduate attending RIT majoring in Industrial Design with a concentration in photography.

Lia Ferro - A 2012 graduate thinking about double majoring at VCUarts but her emphasis is in costume design!

Ryan Carroll - A 2012 award winning graduate with a humorous outlook on life. Check out his stop motion animations! He is attending MassArt in Boston

Andrew Monborne - A 2012 graduate and drummer extraordinaire. He is the master of the macro lens ans studio lighting.

Scout Ries - A 2012 graduate with a flickr and her own website. She currently attends VCUartsand is double majoring in photography and art education.

Eli Rodriguez - A 2012 graduate that studies fine arts at the Corcoran.

Ginx Hudgins - A multi-award winning 2011 graduate attending SCAD. Her work has been exhibited and published.

Diana Guerci - Another multi-award winning 2011 graduate attending the Arts Institute in San Fransisco. (Notice that her sister graduated YHS in 2006 and is a Fine Art Photographer.)

Kerry Greco - A spunky 2011 graduate with an real eye for life's little intricacies!

Helen Stoddard - A 2010 graduate majoring in photography at VCUarts. (her sister is on this list as well)

Daniel Posada - A 2010 graduate that teaches art at Abrakadoodle.

Grace Loescher - A 2010 graduate majoring in arts and theater at Rollins College.

Lizzy Molinari - A 2009 YHS graduate and a 2013 VCUarts
graduate of the Crafts and Material Studies Department specializing in experimental glass and creamics.

Laura Burt - A 2009 YHS graduate currently majoring in photography at Guilford College. She will graduate this May.

Nina Stoddard - A 2008 graduate and a 2012 graduate of VCUarts earning her B.F.A. in Communication Arts. She is a teaching assistant with AmeriCorps while interning at 1708 Gallery. She hopes to combine her artistic skill and passion in the non-profit sector. (her sister is on this list as well)

Noelle Hoffman - Transferred from YHS. Used to be a photographer living in Baltimore but now is a designer living in Seattle.

Spohia Guerci -A 2006 graduate of YHS and a 2012 (BFA) graduate of the Corcoran with a degree in Fine Art Photography. She is currently working on her photo series, titled "Body Language", while working at Morton Fine Art Gallery in Wasington DC. (notice that her sister graduated YHS in 2011 and is at the Art Institute in San Fransisco)

Allison Clarke -A 2005 graduate of YHS and a 2012 graduate (BFA) of the Corcoran. Currently she is earning her MFA at Columbia College Chicago . She will move to the professional status soon enough.

Anna Rosen - A 2002 graduate of YHS, 2006 graduate (BFA) from RISD , and a 2010 graduate (MFA) from Columbia University School of Art. Currently, her work is exhibited at Night Gallery in Los Angeles.

-- the useful sites and tutorials--

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Twisted Sifter - A photography site that features creative photographers and their work.

The Art League - For when you would like to take a class in the arts!

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psd tuts+  - Photoshop master tutorials

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