Students in Photography II will continue their explorations of the inter-relationship of technique and aesthetics in photography. The primary emphasis of the photo II experience is the development of ideas that are successfully translated and articulated visually (Creative solutions to the problem at hand). Of course, emphasis will be placed on technical proficiency in photographic problem solving and the continual development (mastery) of those skill gained in photography I.

As a part of your experience in photography II, you will have the opportunity to work with an array of photographic formats, studio lighting and will be introduce to various ways that photographs can be manipulated. You will have to decide, for yourself, which technique will best suit your concept and which will articulate that idea visually. You may work with any media in photography II, however film is expensive and it is not possible for you to develop it in the classroom.


Students will be given a variety of photographic assignments lasting in duration from 2-3 weeks. This gives the student time to check out a camera (see  CAMERA LOAN AGREEMENT ), if needed, and ample time to work in the classroom. During that time, you will listen to lectures on the assignment, view presentations and examples of the assignment, research and conceptualize your ideas in preparation for shooting the assignment. Use your class time wisely because you will find that time will run out on you and late work will not be accepted, unless medically excused.

GRADES:  (See the  RUBRIC  on the percentages)

Student's progress will be determined in several ways including individual consultation, class critiques, quizzes and tests. The criteria for evaluation of assignments are:

1. CREATIVITY - the extent of personal vision and effort evident in the student's work.

2. TECHNICAL QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP - the degree to which the student has learned and applied the craft of photography in camera and darkroom use.

3. MEETING THE OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSIGNMENT - the extent to which the student has "solved the problem" based on the description of the assignment and the parameters discussed.

4. WORK ETHIC - The manner and consistency with which the student works. Consistent effort
is much better than frantic madness.

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